by Beth Downie

Girl Sports Day - by Ella

Read Ella's review of the multisport day

On Thursday 18 March 2021, all the Year 5 and 6 girls went to a sports event.

First Kaikorai played cricket. It was really fun. We did head shoulders knees and toes  -Go. How it works is that you get into partners of 2 and then face backward and then when someone yells out GO then the first one to grab it is the winner. Finally, we did cricket, well practice of course. 

Then the 35-minute timer goes off from Jess, the main person of the programme. She said it was time to switch, then we went to hockey. It was much more fun than cricket because we did an actual game of hockey. It was so fun it was a draw, 2 to 2. 

Then the 35-minute timer goes off. Then we switch to soccer, the last and final sport. First, we warmed up with a game of all and all tag ( which is tag but everyone is in and when you touch each other you do paper scissors rock and whoever wins stays up and whoever loses sits down and waits till the person that got them is down). 

Next, we went to the flag section and we had to learn what to do in real soccer if you're the ref. Finally, we went to play a game of soccer. It was so fun but we don’t know who won. 

They announced some winners and they won prizes. Hollie got it for cricket, she got a top and hat. Neve got it for hockey and got a hockey stick. And Raisa got it for soccer. She got a ball. Then the girls hopped on the bus and went back to Kaikorai.

It was a fun day out!