Kaikorai Primary and Balmacewen Orchestra Workshop

Read Sophie, Emily and Sienna's summary on their orchestral workshop and concert experiences with Balmacewen Intermediate.

Near the end of term two our Kaikorai Primary School Orchestra walked down to Balmacewen Intermediate. We were going to play some pieces of music together (both orchestras) and some by ourselves (Kaikorai Orchestra). We learnt some new pieces of music called ‘Tango and Cha Cha’. We all felt anxious but luckily the music was super easy! We learnt the two songs from Balmacewen in no time at all! But then came the hard part....trying to get Balmacewen to learn one of our hard songs that we had been practising. Actually, the song ‘ He Waiata ‘ went unbelievably well!

In the end  the joint concert we performed in, went awesome and all the parents were delighted and proud of their amazing and talented children. We are sure that all the orchestra kids that played in the concert enjoyed it as much as the parents did.

Some of the highlights of being at the Balmacewen/Kaikorai Orchestra Workshop were:

#1: Having hot chips and tomato sauce (Yummy.)

#2: Playing in a concert.

#3: Seeing our parents.

#4: Going home early!!!

#5: Seeing our orchestral friends and ex Kaikorai  Primary students.

#6: Learning new pieces of music♭♮♯

We would like to thank all of the parents that helped us walk down, and Balmacewen Intermediate for all their support and help.

Also, a big thank you to our two conductors, Mrs Kumar and Mrs Brusse, you did a great job. Kaikorai Orchestra really enjoyed being at Balmacewen Intermediate and we will definitely come again. Thanks!

By Emily Fotheringham, Sienna Brits and Sophie Lloyd