by Simon Clarke


On the 27th of July two groups of seniors went down to Tahuna Intermediate, to participate in the epro8 challenge. Azul, Emma, Anabelle and Nout formed Kaikorai 1 and Toby, Ruby, Cormac and Hannah formed Kaikorai 2.

The ‘e’ in Epro8 stands for engineer the ‘pro’ stands for problem solve and the ‘8’ stands for innovate.

How to play:

There is a booklet filled with four challenges. Each challenge gets you a certain amount of points. There are different sections to each challenge so you don’t have to fully complete the challenge before you move onto another one. You can do the challenges in any order. Once you have completed a part of the challenge you push a red button. Music sounds and a man comes over. If you have successfully completed the challenge the man will award you some points. You try and complete as many challenges as you can in 2 ½ hours.

The team, kaikorai 1, were really successsful. They finished up being fourth equal with ‘Outram Yr 5-6’ and will represent the school in the EPRO8 finals.

Doing epro8 was really fun and tiring. It was a great opportunity to challenge myself and I really enjoyed it.