"Quiet on the set"  by Beth Downie

Senior writing

The Beach - by Taj

The ripples of the water,  waves crashed to the shore

 The sun beamed as I dreamed on my soft blanket

 The sand squeezed in my toes as they froze from the sand. 

Filming day at the beach - by Hollie

The salty air filled my lungs as the howling wind blew my hair as we were rolling down the slippery sand dunes

 The director said quiet on the set then ACTION we all jumped in the air and rolled down the hill it felt like an avalanche.

Spooky house - by Ilsa

You’re trick or treating, your old sheet costume is flapping and flailing in the wind like an old plastic bag. It’s a frightful night, and the full moon is glowing like a fortune teller’s crystal ball. The flailing autumnal trees really set the mood. You pass by a mysterious-looking house, and you could’ve sworn you saw someone in the window. Out of a gut instinct, you decide free candy from this house might not be the best idea.

Suddenly, a cold gust of wind slaps you in the face! Your sheet blows right off. You spent a whole five minutes on that costume! No one hands out free candy to kids who aren’t in costume! A black hand quickly darts through the window, and snatches up your costume! You brush off all these serious red flags, take a deep breath, and dart inside!

You find yourself in a hallway, lined with velvety red wallpaper, and a thick layer of dust had fallen on the floor. Clearly, no human had lived here in a long time, but the paranormal must thrive here.

Due to the thick layer of dust, you leave footprints, at first you thought this to be a bad thing, and then remember the tale of Hansel and Gretel. These will help you find your way around this haunted mansion. All the doors have a golden label above them, and the ballroom piques your interest.

You creep inside, to hear an orchestra of ghosts. They must have been from an era long ago because their dresses and suits were definitely not in fashion anymore. You skim across the dancing ghosts and see one rocking your costume. They aren’t dancing with another ghost.

By Talia

I pack my beach bag with all the essentials, wetsuit, togs, goggles, and towel, and run to the garage and grab my surfboard. I am going to try out on my new surfboard! But sadly when I try to stand up the board tips and I fall off I go back out and try again and again and again eventually I go out again and I get it! I ran to where my mum was standing and said, ``Did you see that!” She said she did and she was so proud of me. 

Mia's alien writing

Mr. Sherman felt the path he had taken get steeper and steeper, faster and faster, he whooshed down the never-ending steep hill. Suddenly Mr. Sherman felt himself lifting up into the air, he was finally flying!!!