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Principal News

I am not really sure how long this term has been but we made it through!

After talking to colleagues, counsellors and psychologists lately it is evident that across Dunedin, and no doubt the country, a lot of people don't have the usual resilience and well being that they might normally have due to the stress of the lockdown and the uncertainty of what the future may hold.  This includes both students and adults.   

We have definitely seen it at Kaikorai Primary School as well and we hope that in these holidays, everyone gets a chance to spend time as a family doing things you enjoy and taking the time to relax.  Remember to check in with your children, find the time to have a conversation with them about their feelings and keep adult issues between adults. 

Children crave routines and knowing what is coming up.  Even though they will be different during the holidays to a normal school week it could be valuable making a schedule or a timetable of the things that you will do together over the two weeks.  Give them something to look forward to.  It doesn't have to be expensive, having quality time with you will be invaluable.

Dunedin is a wonderful place to explore and a lot of things don't cost a lot of money.  I have created a shared document that you can share your favourite family activities to do in and around Dunedin to give other families some ideas.

We hope that everyone can come back in the new term refreshed and ready to learn. 

Thank you to everyone for attending the Parent/Teacher interviews this week.  We hope that you found the extended time and the modified report format informative and useful.  From the informal conversations we have had so far it is has been received positively.  We will conduct a formal review next term.

We wish Maggie Adlam all the very best as she awaits the arrival of her first child and we welcome back from maternity leave Emma Riley who will replace her in Room 8.  Congratulations to Felicia Ward who will take over from Maggie as the Assistant Principal and run the junior syndicate.

Kind regards

Simon Clarke