by Beth Downie

PBL - What is it? Thoughts from the seniors.

Read some Room 1 students thoughts about PBL

PBL stands for project-based learning. Our driving question is how can we as designers bring awareness to an environmental issue through creating an accessory to promote our cause. We got put into groups to make our accessory. I got put with Sam, Maddox, and then me Olivia Mcintyre. Our group was the recycling rebels and our slogan is never refuse to reuse.

For our accessory we made a turtle keychain it was made out of dark green, light green and dark blue oven-bake clay this is what our final try looks like

If you buy one it would come with the tag at the back it says Help the turtles Turtles keep on eating plastic thinking its jellyfish and dying from poisonous chemicals in the plastic. That is why we wanted to bring awareness to this cause.

Along the way, we had been filling in a design journal that had questions about how we had been going in that sort of stuff we also put in our prototype which we made out of lego they chain was string and a pipe cleaner.


PBL stands for project-based learning.

Sometimes when you're in a group for PBL or whenever you're in a group you need to be confident in what you are saying and also when you are sharing your ideas. You also need to have a look at what you are doing and go back over it / iteration. Iteration means going back over and over it again and again and also making it better each time. You also need to be open-minded and include everyone's ideas.

For PBL our driving question is, How can we, as designers, bring awareness to an environmental issue through creating an accessory to promote our cause.

The oceanic optimists are the group that I am in. We decided that we would do Keychains and our environmental issues are recycling because we wanted everyone to recycle. We decided that our design for our keychain was recycling 4 life, we also chose that we would use the recycling symbol to make it stand out a bit more. We did some information about our creation. It turned out really cool. 


PBL stands for project-based learning. It is when we work together in a group and make something to solve a problem.

As a group, we have to think of an idea to promote our cause and make an accessory. We did that there is too much plastic in the ocean and all the sea animals are dying. Iteration -  Iteration means to keep on trying and never give up and keep reworking the protoype. It took a lot of time to get our finished product but it was worth it.

For our finished product we used green, blue, white, and yellow strings. The Turtle charm is made out of fimo oven bake clay. For the stand, it is made out of light blue cardboard and has a piece of writing stuck to it. It says “SAVE THE SEA LIFE  - Sea life is dying from pollution. We are making these bracelets to bring awareness to this cause. There is an average of 60 rubbish trucks being dumped in the ocean per hour. Scientists have proven that in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!” This is exactly why we want to bring awareness to this cause. 


PBL A.K.A project-based learning is something where you work together as a group. We have been working on sustainability and what the environmental issues are. I think I have been doing a good job. I think I could be a bit more creative with my work. In PBL you should be…

  1. Think

  2. Work as a team

  3. Make sure your creative

Those are my tips for being the best that you can be!

We want to make sure that all the sea life is not dying because of plastic. It is terrible with that happening and it could even get worse.

PBL is amazing. We made a product and we were not allowed to use plastic because we don't want that going into the ocean.

in PBL you don't just make one product you make a prototype that is not an official product you're going to sell but one that is a replica.

Always remember that you need to work as a team not be by yourself and just do the work and try to get other people to do the work as well.

You could choose options: communication adviser marketing manager, resources manager has to get the equipment for the group, there was a google form and the resources manager put down what we need. I choose marketing because I know exactly what to do as a marketing manager.

I really enjoyed our first PBL.