by Sarah Gilbert

Middles News

Welcome back, it is hard to believe we are almost halfway through the term already, as the first few weeks have flown by.

Classes have been busy creating artworks, completing assessments, setting up class routines and getting to know each other.

This week we were very fortunate to have a visit from Mel from Golf Otago. Each class got an expert lesson where we learned how to hold the club properly, the correct stance for our swing and of course practised hitting the ball. There was definitely some natural talent on display and could be worth looking into if you are looking for an extra-curricular activity you can do together with your child.

P.E is a focus at the moment with a particular emphasis on small ball skills. Classes have been working on their throwing and catching, striking with a cricket, t-ball and padder tennis bat during P.E lessons and then practising using these skills during games at syndicate sport.

In the coming weeks, classes will be looking at 'Diversity'. Diversity is such an interesting topic and can go in many directions. We will be looking at this through the lens of social sciences. This topic relates well to the 'getting to know you' activities we have already been doing as we want our children to celebrate the ways they are similar to their classmates and the ways they are unique. 

We are really looking forward to catching up with parents at next week's parent interviews. The purpose of these interviews is to meet the teacher, for us to share goals and what we have learned about your child so far and importantly it is an opportunity for you to share with us anything you think we should know.

Upcoming Events

Parent Interviews

February 25th & 26th

Room 3 Assembly

Friday 20th March 11:00 am