Suzanne, Katie, Andrea, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Charlotte, Kelly, Michelle and Kimberly would love you to join the parents group! Not only will you help support the school, but you will also make great friends and have fun along the way!  by Beth Downie

The Parent group

Come and join this amazing group of parents who help raise funds and support our children!

Being part of the Kaikorai School Parents Group has been so much fun over the years. It has felt great to have been active members within our school community, working towards some important and meaningful goals. We have worked towards fundraising for our new playground, school trips and education outside the classroom, chromebooks, musical instruments, the chatbus service and so much more. We have done all these things while having fun cooking sausages, organising and helping at school fairs, bagging pizza slices, helping at movie nights and school discos. We have been so lucky to have made some lifelong friends by joining the parents group. And we’re both a bit sad to be leaving such a cool school and amazing community.

If you haven’t thought about volunteering for fundraising activities at school or about joining the Parents Group, please consider it! It’s a great way to meet other school parents and help your child’s school at the same time.

Ros Allison and Kylie Ellis (leaving members)

Can you help cook a sausage sizzle? Sort pizza orders? Help fundraise? If you would like to help in any way, please email 

Upcoming events and fundraisers

*Mama's donuts fundraiser Friday 4th March

*Pizza lunch fundraiser Wednesday 3rd April

*School hoodies and jacket orders

Lost property 

The amount of unnamed lost property already is huge! One way you can help support the school and get your child clothes named is to buy clothes labels from here - they give 20% back to Kaikorai School.

School fundraising shop 

All purchases from this online store give back to Kaikorai School if you select our school in the drop-down menu.