by Simon Clarke

Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative

This year, in a joint venture with four other schools that make up the Hills Cluster, Kaikorai has been engaging students in Project Based Learning (PBL). It’s a system of learning to help students develop their creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration.  As technology rapidly changes, these are the key skills people will need in the future. PBL involves exposing students to new technology, tools, and skills to help them with this. PBL activities are filled with student choices, student questioning, and overcoming challenging real-world problems.

Philippa Dick from Hatch Education has been the facilitator of this multi-school initiative. Throughout the the year at Kaikorai, students of all age levels have used new technology to work on PBL activities and problems. This ranges from junior students taking part in an Easter egg hunt using the TaleBlazer mobile phone app, right through to middles and seniors working on cardboard construction, stop motion animation, coding Edison Robots, 3D modelling and printing, and creating new classrooms using 3D design apps.