Inside the Life Education classroom. by Susan Oldfield

Welcome to the Junior Syndicate News.

Where has this term gone? We have had a busy and exciting term 2 with lots of learning opportunities...

We have ended the term with a focus on healthy teeth. No doubt you will have heard of how to get clean teeth and what happens if you don't. The children have enjoyed watching the plaque monster/ superhero video and talking about how they care for their teeth. We are talking about healthy eating and what happens when we don't eat healthy food. Keep up the teeth cleaning habit up right through the holiday's juniors.

Our visit to the Life Education classroom was exciting and Interesting. So much learning took place during our two sessions. Maria was a great teacher to be with on the Life Education visit.

The holidays have come at just the right time for everyone. There are so many coughs and colds in classrooms and having a two-week break will hopefully break the cycle of unwell teachers and children. This is always a good time to check for head lice and threadworm. More information is available at your chemist as to how to treat these childhood pests.

Term 3 has the focus on significance. Each class is looking at this big idea from a different point of view. Superheroes in our families, communities, ourselves as superheroes. How can we make a significance in our own lives, our school, our community and the world?

You will notice that each Junior class now has a Lego table. Our thanks go to Caretaker Mike for getting these ready for us. We are purchasing new Lego for each room, and the children are so excited to have it more accessible to them. It is great to see them around the tables all working together and socialising.

Thank you for coming to the parent interviews it is a valuable time when we can share information with you, and you can share things with the teacher. I am sure you will appreciate all the hard work teachers put into writing your child's report.


  • Children need to be at school well before the 9.00 bell. It is an important to have time to unpack and then socialise before class starts. This sets them up to be in a good frame of mind for the day rather than getting stressed because the class has begun when they arrive. Start Term 3 by getting into good routines with your child.
  • Maths Basic Facts Challenge Term 3 for the Juniors will take place in weeks 3, 4 and 5. More information will come home closer to the dates.

Have a restful and healthy break. The teachers look forward to seeing everyone back in Term 3 feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

From the Junior Teachers.