Adaptations learning by Robin Hartley

Senior and Middles News

Half way through the year!

Teachers have been enthusiastic about sharing the learning and reports with children and parents. We hope all the children have a well-deserved break for their brains and a fantastic winter holiday.

Let's have a look at what has been happening across the middle and senior team.

Year 6s, please note the Balmacewen open day information in the images below. 6 pm on the 8th of August.

3D Printing

The 3D printer has been working overtime during the end of term 2. Mr Clarke has been getting students to measure, design and make chess pieces and the children have been more than enthusiastic about this. A great way to teach maths. Meanwhile, Mr Inglis has been getting his students to design and create 3D printed cardboard connectors. These are used to create joints for design purposes. Please see below for pictures.

Adaptations Inquiry

It has been fascinating to see the children delve into the life sciences this term. Children have gained an understanding of how plants and animals adapt for survival over long periods of time. Some students showed their learning by creating a puppet show, and others created imaginary creatures that would survive in a made up environment. It was amazing to see how much the children had learned and what they knew. Some pictures are below for your pleasure.


Kaikorai children are most definitely getting fitter! It is lovely to see the middles out running, playing sports and being active kiwi kids. Rm 2 have been creating fitness challenges and improving their personal best. Well done to those children working hard and getting fitter.

An Assembly and middles Space

What a fantastic assembly held by Room 5. We were sent on a journey through our solar system using song, rap, film and drama. Well done to all those children on stage using their wonderful performance skills. I loved the robot dancing! When walking through Room 4, I also noticed some fantastic space art representing the solar system and the night sky. Please take the time to see the picture below of the art and assembly.

Children in the middles have also been working on a range of presentations to share their learning for the term. Some have created a Google Slide to share interesting facts about the solar system following their learning at the Planetarium. Others have made presentations about the human body using the knowledge they had gained from the Life Ed bus and classroom reading activities. Some children have also been putting together a Google Slide for their WOW folder to share their achievements for the year. It has been wonderful to see children working together to make improvements to their presentations.

Math Madness

Across the middles and seniors this term maths has been very exciting. We have seen the 3D printing already but check out Room 3s symmetry art. These have really impressed me! In Room 6 one can see an array of Xtramaths and Mathletics certificates. It is great to see the children achieving and working hard.

Music and Performance

The orchestra has been busy during the end of the term. The went down to Balmacewen for a music workshop and worked on many new pieces which they then presented at a concert. The children were very excited about this and had a fantastic day of fun and learning. It was also wonderful to hear the choir, ukulele band and orchestra perform to the juniors. The juniors were rapt, and I'm sure we will have a great future with music at Kaikorai.


Well done to Toby and Cormac for winning RoboCup.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have helped out this term. There has been so much happening, and many of these could not go ahead without their help. Just one example is RoboCup in which Toby and Cormac got 1st place! So thank you very much parents and volunteers around the school.