by Maggie Adlam

Junior News

First of all the junior teachers would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for all of the support and kindness that has been given over the past term. We have all enjoyed getting back into the routines of being at school and reconnecting with each other. We have noticed that the children have been very settled in the mornings and have shown great independence with unpacking their bags and getting themselves ready for the day. They are connecting with their peers and are settled and ready to learn when the bell rings. Having this positive start to the day has been great for everyone!

We have had an amazing book week this week, thank you to Paula Fisher for all of your hard work and amazing organisational skills! The junior syndicate has been doing a rotational swap each morning where each class is learning about a different author. The children have made some amazing arts and crafts during these sessions and have had the opportunity to explore and learn in different classrooms.

Over the next two weeks we will have the Life Education bus visiting Kaikorai School. Our big question will be, what do we need to know about the food we eat? It is important to understand what we are eating, and what it will do for our body. Students will be learning about where food comes from, and the different ways in which it affects our health.

We have also been focusing on sustainability and native birds. Students have come up with great ideas about how we can look after our Earth and how we can attract more native NZ birds to our school.

We are looking forward to meeting with you all at the parent-teacher interviews coming up in Week 12 to discuss the mid-year reports and ongoing learning goals.

The children have become very confident using Seesaw and are always keen to share their work using this platform. Just a reminder to make sure that you are signed into the Seesaw Family app, rather than the Seesaw Class app that we used during the home learning time period. Using the Seesaw Family app ensures that you will get important notices and messages from the teachers.

Many thanks,
Junior Teachers