Skye (R1) and Betty (R10) enjoy buddy reading by Beth Downie

What an amazing book week!

The students and staff of Kaikorai School have had an amazing week celebrating the love of literacy and reading. We have been doing buddy reading with a different class daily, daily teacher swaps to read to other classes,  we've shared our oldest books from home, our funniest books, our favourite fiction and nonfiction books. The love of reading has been strong! 

Did you know that if you read for 20 minutes a day, you will be exposed to 1,800,000 words per year?

We had a school-wide competition to design and make a bookmark to celebrate the theme of Arctic Adventure - there's snow much to read. Congratulations to our winners who were able to select a prize from the book fair and were celebrated in assembly today.

In assembly today we celebrated book week dress up and Mr. Clarke shared a favourite story - The Lorax, perfectly timed with our Sustainability theme. 

Lastly, many thanks to our school community who supported the book fair which in turn supports our school. Thanks also to Mrs Fisher and Mrs Galbraith for organising the book fair and book week.