Street Party by Simon Clarke

Street Party

We started the school year talking about the school fair….. we know what happened after that.

 After a lot of discussion, the Parent Group with the support of the School, have decided that we need to celebrate! We are going to have a street party this year, instead of the fair. The top of Wright Street will be closed during the party and there will be lots of food and entertainment as well as a variety of stalls.

The street party date is: Saturday 17 October 11.00am to 2.00pm

We are well aware that the last few months have been tough people personally, and that jobs and businesses have been affected. Therefore, we won’t be asking for donations in the usual way. We won’t be having bringing weeks, but instead will have some plastic bins around the school for you to donate anything you can, when you can. There is no pressure to donate anything at all.

The street party subcommittee have been discussing other ways people may be able to contribute. Are you good at crafts, baking, etc We would appreciate any ideas you may have.

We have a lot of support from businesses in the past, you will see their names on the board by the Wright Street gate. If you are able, please show your support for them as we move forward.

Any money raised from the street party will go towards items for the new school that are not funded by the Ministry of Education.

Could you please email Kelly Macknight (Street Party co-ordinator) if you think you may be able to help on the day, or if you have any ideas for us.

Thank you from the Parent’s Group!