by Beth Downie

Children's work

Over lockdown we worked on writing raps or poems about sustainability inspired by the Lorax story, here are some excellent examples:


If you don't know how to save the earth its Ok we can't do it alone

Just listen to this rap and you will be shown

My name is Freya and I want you to know,

Single use plastic has got to go.

Saving the turtles is important to me.

They're dying out fast can’t you see.

There is so much plastic in the seas,

And don't get me started on the bees.

So many people cutting down trees,

Don't they know there are enough cities?

One way you could help is recycling

Or instead if driving you could try biking

Don't throw your plastic in the ocean

And don't get rid of things when they're broken.

So don't just be lazy and sit,

Go out there and do your bit! 


Recycle your things it is the way to go

It is going to really blow

Stop using plastic it is not very nice

Other wise you could get lice

Trees are really really good

So if you could

Stop chopping down that wood

Horses, sheep they need it too

So you  change hope you do

Look at the water it is blue

It shouldn’t be the colour of the loo

Climate change should be done

So let's get out there

Let's have some fun

No one knows how it will turn out

Maybe a big big drought

So just recycle

Really do

Thank thank thank you!


How green is your garden

How green does it grow

Green is more than just a colour

Everybody ought to know

Planting natives is not just fun and cool to do

It brings kereru, fantails and bellbirds too

Looking after the world can start at home

If you are not sure how to just google on your phone

Planting and gardening help stop boredom and niggly trouble

You can even do it with those in you bubble

Help the birds, bugs, bees and spiders too

They all have a place in this world, not just you

Help these little critters and you will see

The world will end up a better place for you and me


Nature, Nature rules the world

Look after it carefully and you will be well

Put your rubbish in the bin

Don’t chuck away cause that wouldn’t win

Make sure you don’t chop down a tree

Cause who doesn't want, to be free

Recycle all of your paper,

Keep it together and you will need it

Be kind be kind

Especially now when we're in this hard time.