by Sarah Gilbert

Voyaging with the Middles

How can we as chroniclers tell the amazing story of Pacific Migration?

From Kupe hunting the wheke, to Māori migration in their great waka hourua, our children have amassed a great amount of knowledge. We have learned that Māori were great navigators, using the sun, stars, waves, and wind. We have learned of the migration of birds and how this phenomenon gave Māori knowledge. 

Tahu from Orokonui Eco-sanctuary visited classes with scientist Scott Bush and talked to the children about birds and migration. They were such a wealth of knowledge our classes felt we could have listened for longer. Our recent trip to the museum consolidated our learning and gave us a better understanding of the waka and how they would have made their journey, considering the items, animals, and food that would have been brought with them.

All of the classes in the middle syndicate have used 'book creator' to create a book to share the story of Pacific Migration with you at our school museum next week. Some classes have even made waka hourua which will also be on display. We look forward to you coming along and viewing our museum pieces at the showcase either on Tuesday or on Wednesday night.

On Friday Room 5 presented their assembly item about 'Pacific Migration' with children playing instruments including the ukulele and marimba and through song. Music, songs, and stories is exactly how this knowledge has been passed down through the generations and by doing the same, Room 5 did a fabulous job of being chroniclers. Well done Room 5 and Mrs Kumar!

Other News

Winter is upon us and the wet and cold weather is becoming more frequent and lots of our kids love it. Our P.E focus this term is ball skills through winter sports, we have been practicing fundamental skills such passing and running with the ball whilst demonstrating the KAIK values. As it is getting colder please ensure your child brings appropriate clothing to spend time outside of the classroom.

A sea of pink flooded the classrooms on Friday for Pink Shirt Day which is celebrated every year. It is a powerful movement to promote kindness and prevent bullying. 

Coming Up

Tuesday 25 May           PBL Museum Showcase

Wednesday 26 May     Evening PBL Museum Showcase

Monday 7 June           Queens Birthday

Friday 18 June            Teacher Only Day