March in the Middles

It was really nice to meet with parents this week to discuss goals for children. If you were unable to meet with your child’s teacher feel free to contact them to arrange an after school meeting.

As you know our major focus this term is relationships through the lense of ‘community’. We want our children to become active members of their community. Each class is going to start this inquiry by finding a way that we can be active citizens by contributing to our community. Some of the childrens’ ideas so far include, tidying up a walking track and making picking up rubbish more fun. Look out for notices in the coming weeks as each class plans and organises a class trip based around this. Any notices that require a signature will always be sent home in paper form.

This week Room 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from Pip who helped us think about ‘fun theory’, how we can make boring things fun! We started off planning things such as remote controlled robots to help us clean our rooms and rubbish bins that talk back to us. We then got to put our planning into action and problem solved with the new edison robots and looked into how to watch a tutorial and 3D printing. It was a very exciting day which lead to a lot of inspired ideas which we can now bring into our community inquiry. We look forward to doing a lot more with this throughout the year.

Prime Maths books have finally arrived and classes have begun this amazing programme. Teachers have been sharing these books at parent interviews and the children are really excited to get their very own books.

Kaupapa Maori has begun. The children are delighted to have Whaea Ana and Matua Kopua back in classrooms. Classes have so far spent time learning a new karakia, waiata and how to write in Te Reo using sticks.