OGHS Sports by Robin Hartley

Senior Syndicate News

Firing on all cylinders!

The senior students at kaikorai are well into their learning by now.  Teachers have been excited to see what the children have been creating and how they are expressing their learning.  

Room 1 have been working in teams to create marble runs.  They have been overcoming design problems, working in groups and building relationships to solve their issues.  They have been creating activities or hobby groups for others in the school to attend.  Next they will be running these groups and looking at how to be a great leader and overcome problems with others.

Room 2a have been presenting projects on famous teams and how they create success.  They have also been working on stop-motion animation to put team work into action.

Room 2 have been learning the recorder!  They have been looking at cooperation and running team games and taking turns at leading and following leaders. They have been producing art on the important things that matter to them.

Many senior students got the chance to work with Otago Girls High School students who came to practise their leadership skills and to teach sports skills to the children.  The students are currently loving working with the OGHS girls and have been improving their sports skill significantly.

The Year 6s went to KVC college and took part in a fantastic day of team skills and sporting games.  Much fun was had by all!   A big favourite was learning to go fishing!  There are lots of photos below of this day.

Our students have been Learning two Languages! Every week they are being exposed to both mandarin and Te Reo.  Mandarin lesson are being delivered by a Mandarin Language Assistant called laoshi Yuan.  She has been teaching the beginnings of Mandarin and we have been looking a Chinese culture.

19th of March - Swimming trials (please see Miss Ward for details)

20th to 23rd of March - Year 6 CAMP

20th to to 23rd of March - Year 5 Challenges

4th and 5th of April - Art Gallery Trip (Rm 2 on the 4th & Rm1 and 2a on the 5th)