News and views from the Junior syndicate.

What a busy last few weeks we have had.

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to come and chat about your child at parent interviews. We hope you went away with valuable information on how your child is progressing and ideas of how you can support them further at home.

During the last few weeks we have had such a fun time swapping classes and learning about a different animal in each class. We got to know / meet all the teachers in the Junior classes and we enjoyed making, creating and learning about wolves, bats, elephants, monkeys and lions. This coming week we are all off at different times to the Otago Museum to visit the animal attic. If you have not sent the notice back please do so by Monday. 

We will be finishing our Animal Inquiry in a couple of weeks and then we are going to be learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe for the last 2 weeks of term. This programme requires children to do follow-up tasks, with you, at home. More details will come once we start the programme.

This week a number of children have arrived at school around 8.15 without any parent and have had to stand outside until the 8.30 bell goes. Please be considerate and drop your child off nearer 8.30 as the mornings are often cold and wet. We do have a good before school programme in the hall for those needing it. Teachers' need this time to prepare so please respect this.

Swimming  at DNI Pool will be in week one of term 2 starting on the first Wednesday and running for 8 days. A notice will come home before the end of term stating times, costs and other information.