by Kristen Anuik

CHOIR - Cooperation, Harmony, Opportunity, Involvement and Responsibility

Every Monday during the lunch hour, students from Year 3-6 dedicate their time and commit to being part of the Kaikorai School Choir.

In our choir practices, we learn how to breathe properly, use musical phrases, to sing using dynamics (louds and softs) and many other musical elements.  We sing a variety of songs of different genres. This term we are learning "Show Tunes."  Some songs are chosen by the students, and some by me. Some songs require solos and small group parts. Every child who is keen to do a solo is welcome to audition for a solo. I try to make sure everyone who wants a solo has one throughout the year. We sing songs for fun, but we also prepare for concerts in and out of school across the school year. 

Throughout the year we will put on performances for the school and parents, as well as visit some Retirement Homes and sing for the residents there. 

There are many benefits to being part of a school choir. Some of them are: 

1. It provides an opportunity to get to know peers in other classrooms and be involved in a joint activity together. 

2. It creates resiliency in children. There are many songs that the students have to learn the words and music to.  Each week they will feel a sense of achievement as the songs become more familiar to them. 

3. It enhances brain development.

Joining the choir is a year long commitment. It takes dedication to give up a lunch hour once a week, so I really appreciate those students who make the effort to come each week. Students are welcome to join the choir at anytime. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Ferguson (Choir Director)