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Principal News

At this time of year, we would normally be looking forward to our seniors taking part in camp or year 5 activity week, we would be celebrating the sports teams as they come to the end of the summer season and take great pride in Room 3's assembly. But these are not normal times unfortunately.

Please continue to talk to your child about Covid19 and reassure them that they will be OK.   Keep reinforcing the hand washing and hygiene message and also keep your child away from school if they are unwell. We would encourage all children to bring their own drink bottles and not to bring toys from home. Finally, please inform the school if you or anyone in your family are going overseas or are returning from overseas.

We know that children crave routines and we will be doing our very best to provide an environment that is safe and secure for your child.  We will be increasing the amount of cleaning in the school and class teachers are teaching students about the importance of personal hygiene.  Given the extremely low rate of infection in New Zealand - school is a safe place to be. Should the situation change, then schools will be informed and will act quickly in the interests or the students, staff and community. An email went out yesterday explaining the decisions that need to be made to close a school.  In this newsletter, I am very interested in how well prepared your household might be in the event of an extended school closure.  Please fill this online if you can rather than the paper version that is also been sent out.

In some happier news, Kaikorai and the Hills Cluster of schools have been very lucky to be asked to take part in finding solutions for the Hospital Rebuild for the Ministry of Health.  We are expecting the work that we will do will create significant local and national media interest.  The community gallery has been booked for a week in early term 4 to celebrate the best solutions that children come up with to problems like the following:

1. Building Design for Wellbeing

How can we, as architects, plan spaces which improve people's wellbeing?

Learners explore interior and exterior design principles which enhance wellbeing and plan for how these could be incorporated into the new hospital.

2. Art for Wellbeing

How can we, as artists, create spaces that enhance wellbeing?

Learners explore the impact of art on wellbeing and use this to develop concepts and ideas for the new hospital.

3. Children's Ward

How can we, as designers, create a children's ward that promotes happiness and a speedy recovery?

Learners research what it is that makes hospital pleasant or unpleasant for children and then determine a design of the children's ward that will keep the children as happy as possible.

4. Sustainability

How can we, as environmental engineers, find ways to make the new hospital sustainable?

We need a hospital which will have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. how can this be achieved?

These are just a few of the many questions that are being posed and the students will be working with the design team and clinical departments to understand the issues and develop some solutions.  This will be a very rich and authentic learning experience for the children and the school.

Stay safe and well everybody!

Kind regards

Simon Clarke