by Maggie Adlam

Junior News

Swimming is postponed until further notice.

The juniors have been busy focusing on our topic of Kiwiana and Diversity. We have learned what makes New Zealand such a special country and have deepened our understanding of what makes our country unique. Students have looked at different aspects from food, culture, and native birds and animals.

Teachers enjoyed meeting with you all at Parent Teacher Meetings. It is a great opportunity to strengthen the home/school partnership. Students and teachers have worked together to come up with a specific Learning Goal, which has been shared on Seesaw. This is one of many goals that the students are working on and by sharing it on Seesaw, it gives a glimpse into what your child is doing in their classroom. Students are starting to revisit their goals and will be posting an update about how they are tracking along towards achieving it.

Swimming started off with great success and students have been enjoying their lessons.  But it also takes a lot of energy out of the students and sickness is always more likely during periods of swimming lessons.  Therefore we have made the decision to postpone swimming until further notice to keep your child as healthy as they can be. As always, thank you so much to the parents who have came along to the sessions to help - we couldn’t do it without your support!

Many thanks,

Junior Teachers