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Fergus Chinnery & Gemma Thorp          Head Boy and Girl 2017
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Fortnightly Engagement Reports

Ian Nicholson —

This term we are trialing a new fortnightly report system to parents of Year 9 to 13 students. These reports are focused on how engaged your child is with their classes. Later in the term an Academic Progress Report will also be available on the Parent Portal.

The first Engagement report is now currently available on the Parental Portal.

When you log onto the Portal there will be a link to reports which will then allow you to click on Term 1 reports. This will then download your child's Engagement Report.

Please remember if your child has been graded as 3 then they are meeting the expectations of the teacher for that subject.

If you would like to discuss your child's engagement grade please contact the subject teacher in the first instance.

Thank you to the parents/whanau who have given us feedback so far.

Ian Nicholson | Deputy Principal