Hero photograph
2016 Head Girl & Head Boy | Lucy Scown & Ethan Morse
Photo by Alistar Simpson

Principal's Comment

Neil Harray —

At this very busy time of year I would like to thank you for your support of our Year 7 – 10 students as they have embarked on many different activities in the last few weeks of school. We have been greatly impressed by our Year 9 & 10 students who recently undertook their end of year examinations. Their commitment and desire to do well bodes well for the next few years. Thank you for encouraging our students to prepare well for these exams, I hope they have felt a sense of achievement in not only completing them but also in some of their outstanding results.

Our Year 7 & 8’s have been involved in a large number of activities. Without the support from parents, trips such as the Waimarino experience would not take place. It is nice for our Year 7 & 8 team to finish on a positive note as the Year 8’s start journeying into Year 9.

A number of students have done particularly well in recent sporting competitions as well. Our Junior Girls’ Volleyball Team was very successful in the recent Thames Valley Championships held at Katikati College and our Junior Boys’ Volleyball Team certainly provided some entertainment. Our athletes in Year 7 & 8 competed well in the Western Bay Athletics Championships held at Bethlehem College. There were a number of very successful performances from some of the rising stars coming through our athletics ranks.

We are very pleased to provide a copy of the ERO Report that was completed in August. The overall tone and observations that ERO made are consistent with our own thoughts and we are very pleased with what they have said about all of our hard work during the last three years. ERO go through an extensive review process and it has taken some time to get the confirmed report. This ensures that the quality of the report is maintained and that we see a fair reflection of where the school is currently at.

Mid 2017 we have the opportunity to renew our uniform contract. Before we go through the tendering process I would like to receive feedback regarding the current uniform and whether any alterations need to be made. Before the end of term I will send out an email with specific questions regarding the uniform and ask that these be returned within the first two weeks of school next year. I will also send out another reminder late January to refresh your memories. This is important information that will be used to help develop our tender application for our uniform suppliers in 2017.

School Buses: The Ministry of Education has changed its policy regarding the funding of school buses.  Those students living outside the ‘Transport Entitlement Zone’ will no longer receive any funding for the school buses. This means that we may have to revise our current bus routes but we are looking at options to provide a better bus service than we currently have. While the reduction of funding is problematic and will need careful management, the options we are looking at will hopefully provide us with a more flexible bus service for those students who live outside our transport entitlement zone. I will be sending out a letter to those parents who are effected seeking their thoughts and opinions about the options we will be looking at for next year. Any decision regarding our buses will be communicated at the very start of next year. Once again, this is another example of Central Government tightening their resources for public schooling.

After a number years of very stable staffing, we are farewelling a significant number of staff this year. Some will be returning to permanent positions from their fixed term appointments while others are moving on to different phases of their life. We have had a number of Part Time and Fixed Term Teachers join our staff during 2016 and I would like to thank Mrs Amanda Besley, Mr Stan Foster, Mr Rob Jolly, Matua Te Kurapa and Ms Steph Duncan for the wonderful way in which they have slotted into our classes in fixed term positions, giving our students consistency and helping out when needed.

I would also like to thank Ms Sam Sanderson, Mrs Hayley George and Mrs Robyn Cameron for all that they have done this year and look forward to welcoming them back as permanent staff members in 2017.

We would like to wish Mrs EJ Weller and her husband Kevin all the best with the upcoming arrival of their first child. Mrs Weller will be taking a year's maternity leave commencing at the beginning of next year.

We are also saying goodbye to Ms Charlotte Hazlitt who is taking a position closer to her home in Tauranga; Mrs Nicky Geary who after 5 years on staff is starting a new business venture in Katikati; Mrs Tina Filipo, who after three years of significantly revitalising our English faculty, is moving into senior leadership at Waikuku College; Ms Donna Wilks who is moving to the Coromandel; Matua Kuka who has gained a promotion to Tauranga Intermediate and Ms Maggie Kelly who is returning to Canada to be with family. All are moving on to either further their careers or follow their dreams! We wish them well and thank them for all for their efforts.

Mrs Jill Roest is retiring after 10 years as a Teacher Aide at Katikati College. Jill has assisted a large number of students during this time, helping them reach their full potential and she will be sorely missed by our Learning Centre. We wish Jill all the best in her retirement.

Mr Warwick Kerr – Warwick has been part of our school for the last 29 years. Warwick has been involved in wide range of responsibilities during his time here. He has been a Dean, Assistant Head of the English Faculty, TIC Horticulture and TIC of the Boys Home room. As you can see Warwick is a multi-talented man who has had devoted a huge amount of time to our school community.

Mr Malcolm Pitkeathly – Malcom joined Katikati College in 1987 and has been with us for 30 years. Malcolm made an immediate impact and quickly established himself as one of the cool new teachers who came on board in the late 1980’s. An extremely talented artist in his own right, Malcolm made art accessible for a large number of students and his desire to see students extend their creative abilities has kept him keen and motivated through almost three decades. He has led the Arts Department and more recently the Arts faculty superbly well during this time.  Many of you will know  that Malcolm has been involved with the Open Air Art group and was part of the original committee in 1990. This transformed our town and it is great to see Malcolm’s art work still visible as part of the Katikati Murals. My thanks for all that you have done in your time at Katikati College.

With all this change we are very excited to have been able to attract fantastic applicants and several new appointments will be announced next year. 2017 will certainly be a year of change for the school and we look forward to this exciting next phase. One thing is for sure, nothing stays the same.

I would like to extend to everyone my wishes for a very happy and safe Christmas Holiday. I know that it has been an extremely busy year for a number of people and the time that you are able to spend with your family is really important. I look forward to hearing about our students' NCEA results late January and look forward to what will be an exciting 2017 for our school.

Nāku noa

Mr N Harray | Principal