Hero photograph
Sonya Lambert showing her true blue colours!
Photo by Juliet Dunlop-Fraser

Katikati College Athletics

Juliet Dunlop-Fraser —

Although the heavens opened for Athletics Day this year, the College braved the elements to run the annual Athletics Day. Due to an extremely tight school and sporting calendar, there was no suitable postponement date so banking on the weather clearing, the day was set up. Luckily the skies had completely cleared by 9:30am and  although the conditions were not ideal, things improved enough for there to be several track and field records broken. 

It was no surprise that the Nicholson brothers bagged themselves a couple more but also Afuhia Uilou ,following in her family footsteps, broke the Year 8 Girls Shotput record and Roelien Du Plessis got herself another in the Senior Girls 1500m (full list below).​

One of the most significant records broken was the 37 year old ​​Year 8 Boys 3000m record,​ set by Kelly Rae in 1980. This was beaten by Sean Nicholson in 10.15:73 knocking 48s off the time.​ Speaking from his home in Australia, Kelly was astonished that his record was still standing after all this time. He said "I remember the day clearly, I felt sick with nerves as I liked to run but hadn't done any training". With this in mind he decided to just run 7 1/2 laps as fast as he could, setting a punishing pace that left all challengers behind, running 11.03:80. Kelly passes on his congratulations to Sean and is glad to see the barefoot tradition is still going!

The House Competition was won by Stewart this year with MacMillan in 2nd, Mulgan in 3rd and Gledstanes in 4th.

The other records set were:

Year 8 Boys      

  • Daniel Nicholson - 800m | 2.22:20 (new record) | 2.30:40 (old record)
  • Sean Nicholson - 1500m  | 4.47:52 (new record) | 5.15:90 (old record)
  • Sean Nicholson - 3000m | 10.15:73 (new record) | 11.03.80 (old record)
  • Sean Maguire - High Jump | 1.46 (new record) | 1.45 (old record)

Year 8 Girls      

  • Afuhia Uilou | Shotput | 12.15 (new record) | 10.27 (old record)

Senior Girls     

  • Roelien Du Plessis | 1500m | 5.31:17 (new record) | 5.37.83 (old record)

Champions for 2017

Year 7 Boys

  • Champion | Nishi Ravji
  • Runner up | Baxter Anderson
  • Third | Ashton Coxhead & Aisaki Vakasiuola & Kesomi Tautuaa

Year 7 Girls

  • Champion | Meg Harray
  • Runner up | Ciara Tukaki-Johnson
  • Third | Gemma Groenewald

Year 8 Boys

  • Champion | Daniel Nicholson
  • Runner up | Sean Nicholson
  • Third | Luke Spurr

Year 8 Girls

  • Champion | Mikaela Salmon
  • Runner up | Jadah Mackay
  • Third | Aylish Dunlop

Junior Boys

  • Champion | Nikolai Frandi
  • Runner up | Dandre' du Plessis
  • Third | Jonathan Sukkel

Junior Girls

  • Champion | Jess Harray
  • Runner up | Paris Nelson
  • Third | Dana Salmon & Makayla Managh

Intermediate Boys

  • Champion | Tom O'Brien
  • Runner up | Tesimoni Uilou
  • Third | Brodie Stacey & Daley Maguire

Intermediate Girls

  • Champion | Sally Carter
  • Runner up | Margaret Sukkel
  • Third | Casey Lemon

Senior Boys

  • Champion | Curran Harvey
  • Runner up | Ben O'Brien
  • Third | Tanner Hayes & Jaxon Stacey

Senior Girls

  • Champion | Roelien du Plessis
  • Runner up | Tessa Bradley
  • Third | Sonya Lambert & Tara MacPherson

Congratulations to Stewart House and to all our fantastic athletes!