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Competition dates

Hilary Johnson —

The dates and costs for competitions coming up in English, Digital Technology, Science and Maths are listed below. Please encourage your son or daughter to have a go.

ICAS English: Tuesday July 31. (Cost $9.50, payment due by Tuesday June 19)

ICAS Digital Technology: Tuesday May 8. (Cost $9.50, payment due by Tuesday March 16)

ICAS Science: Tuesday May 29. (Cost $9.50, payment due by Friday 13 April)

ICAS Maths: Tuesday August 14. (Cost $9.50, payment due by Thursday June 21)

Otago Maths: Wednesday April 4. (Cost $5.00, payment due by Monday March 26)

Australian Maths Competition: Thursday August 9. (Cost $6.50, payment due by Tuesday 12 June)