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Welcoming new staff to Katikati College

Louise Buckley —

At the beginning of Term 3, we welcomed some new staff to our kura. Some of these teachers are familiar faces around our community and school.

Left to right:

Sybil Paterson - teaching Year 7 & 8 Homeroom, Year 10 Art and Senior Horticulture. Sybil has been working at the College for the past 18 months.

Amy Vossen - teaching Year 9 Social Studies and Year 12 Geography. Amy is new to the College this term; she has joined us from Te Kuiti High School.

Ben Parker - teaching Year 9 and 10 PE & Health and Year 11 Sport & Recreation. Ben has been a relief teacher at the College for a few years.

Amanda Besley - teaching Year 7 and 9 Science and Year 9 Art. Amanda has worked in a number of different curriculum areas over the last few years.

Patrick McMahon - teaching Year 9 and 10 English and Year 9 Business Studies. Patrick has joined us from Tauranga Intermediate and was previously teaching in Australia.

Shana Carlan-Riddell - teaching Senior Art. Shana has extensive experience as an art teacher having taught at Rotorua Lakes High School for a number of years.

Not in the photo are:

Steph Duncan - teaching Year 10 English. Steph has been teaching and doing relief teaching at the College for a number of years.

Mel McClure - has joined our staff as the new Science Technician.

Cara Howie - has been appointed as our SENCO (Specialist Educational Needs Co-Ordinator). Cara has been working at Katikati Primary School this year.

Rochelle McCowan-Williams - teaching Year 7 & 8 Homeroom. Rochelle has been teaching in the Science and Technology faculties for the past 18 months.

We would like to welcome all of these new staff to our kura and hope that you will make them feel welcome too.