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The very long queue for the sausage sizzle

'Ofa Atu Tonga and Samoa (Sending our love to Tonga and Samoa)

Vetekina Pekipaki —

The Katikati College community banded together on Tuesday February 20 to raise funds and show their support for Tonga and Samoa in the wake of Cyclone Gita's devastation

Mrs Vetekina Pekipaki's Tongan language and Pasifika Studies students suggested having a mufti day and sausage sizzle to help out their family members in the islands.

All of the 15 students in the senior Pasifika form class "Aiga" had family who are personally affected by the damage. Although all were safe and uninjured, there are massive amounts of damage to property and buildings.

Fotu Tu'ivai's aunty's house was destroyed on Tongatapu. Owen Vi's family's house was intact and they were able to open it up as a sanctuary for those who had lost their homes. Milika Fifita's family's shop in Tokomololo had its roof blown off . Atu Lolohea's family in Vaini and Mataika had severe damage to their homes. Zoya Tikena's family in Samoa experienced damage from flooding. Everyone is in need of food, fresh water and electricity.

The students are very grateful to the school for their support, to Countdown for their generous donation of bread and serviettes for the sausage sizzle, and to Watties for the tomato sauce. Plus, a big thank you to Mr Finnimore for putting his beard on the line and shaving half of it off in recognition of the amount raised.