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Whole School Assembly - our "Student Showcase"

Simon Finnimore —

Every three weeks we hold a whole school assembly in the Action Centre. This is a time when we celebrate students' achievements, talents and successes.

 During the assembly we often have students performing, and it amazes us just what talent we have in the College. We have had everything, from junior rock bands, to country western vocalists, to lip syncing, to static displays of kiwiana sculptures.We would like to enhance our assemblies further by incorporating an audio visual component. Unfortunately our school projectors and monitors are not strong enough to produce an image in such a large, well lit, environment. If you have any experience, knowledge or resourcing to assist us we would appreciate this. Please contact Simon Finnimore directly - sfinnimore@katikaticollege.school.nz if you are interested in financially supporting the purchase of stronger audio visual equipment, or in contributing your skill to solving our IT projector issues. Thank you!