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PPTA Paid Union Meeting Friday, 2 December

Lou Buckley —

As part of the PPTA Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement (for teachers throughout New Zealand), teachers are entitled to paid union meetings during school hours.

As a result, there is a meeting in the afternoon of Friday 2 December 2022 that PPTA members are required to attend.

On that day lessons will end at 11:35am to enable staff to attend their meeting.

There will be supervision available for students who have to remain at school until the buses run at their normal time. You may make arrangements, where possible, for your son/daughter to either go home at 11:35am or go to a friend’s place where there is supervision for them. We encourage you to ensure your child has adequate supervision if they do not wish to stay at school. Those who need to stay at school will be supervised. If your child requires supervision, they must report to the Library at 11:35am and remain on school site.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.