Hero photograph
Photo by Hilary Johnson

Robotics report

Hamish Carr —

Katikati College was well represented at the first regional scrimmage held last weekend.

A number of students in Year 7 and 8 could not attend due to winter sports commitments but we still had four robots competing in the VEX IQ Year 7 and 8 division. While the scores are not as important as the learning and fun, it was pleasing to note all robots were capable of moving the "hubs" and getting into the parking position for points. Jack Preston and Samuel Vickers had the most successful robot and were able to "hang" their robot from a horizontal bar at the end of the scrimmage for bonus points. The Year 9 and 10 students took their VEX EDR creations to the senior scrimmage and while not all that successful on the day there was a lot of learning. It is fair to say that the robot chassis are now getting a good rework and some students are looking to up-skill their programming capabilities too. We look forward with excitement to the next scrimmage in September.