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Student Contributions

Isobel Huggard —

Students in 7HGG have been writing free style narratives. This narrative is by Siobhan McFadyen.


Sentries surrounded me as they watched my every move. Fences circled cabins, locking people in. Every so often shouts or cries would blow towards me. Being dragged towards a cabin, I kissed happy times goodbye. A dog ran up behind me, obviously taking a liking to me. Sentries pushed me through a heavy metal door, then on to a rock hard bed.

Waking up to what I thought was birdsong, I heard a group of Spanish, maybe a few French people talking really loudly. Though I couldn't understand what they were saying, by the tone of their voices I knew it was bad. Suddenly two sentries came storming through the door. That means trouble. They started babbling on about stuff that I didn't understand what with them being Japanese and everything. I lay there thinking about the freedom we had before all these wars. It was beautiful.

Later that day, wandering across dry and dusty dirt that was surrounded by cabins, shouts still floated towards me, but one particular cry rang a few bells. I don't have a clue where I knew it from but somehow I knew it. It stuck with me right through till I went to sleep. That night I dreamed about going home for peace, maybe a touch of freedom. But I’m here and it's hell.