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Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace

Isobel Huggard —

Joe Manakau JP and Isobel Huggard JP are available at school for anyone requiring the free service of a Justice of the Peace.

A Justice of the Peace can:

  • witness your signature on a document;
  • certify copies of documents for you including cell phone texts and computer displayed results;
  • administer an affidavit;
  • complete a declaration. This may be a statutory declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 or some other statute which provides for this to be done.

Feel free to contact them if you require their assistance:

Joe Manukau: jmanukau@katikaticollege.school.nz

Isobel Huggard: ihuggard@katikaticollege.school.nz