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Innovative Hort students visit innovative local growers

Hilary Johnson —

Tissue culturing, fertigation and hydroponics were the themes of field trips over the last week.

Students saw how tiny micro-propagated plants are de-flasked and pricked out and then acclimatise to their new life outside of a controlled environment. Some students took a turn at trying the technique themselves. They then saw intensive cultivation of blueberries in which the blueberries are grown in pots above the ground, receiving automatically calculated amounts of water and fertiliser via drippers. Students then went on to see how herbs and lettuces are grown hydroponically on a much larger scale than we can manage with our little systems in the classroom.  All of this within 12 km of the College! It is truly amazing what goes on horticulturally speaking in and around our town.

Thank you so much to Tharfield Nurseries, Tracey Cotterell and Liberty Growers.