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Bring Your Own Device @ Katikati College

Louise Buckley —

As a school, over the last 10+ years we have been increasing the use of digital technology in all learning areas. We see digital technology as being an effective tool that will allow teachers and students to further develop their learning.

This allows integration of education inside and outside of the classroom. It supports and enhances traditional teaching practice and is transforming teaching and learning.

Where would you see digital technology already in our classrooms?

In nearly every class your child will take there will be some form of e-learning. Devices are used for research, creating innovative work, collaborating with other students, receiving effective feedback and feedforward from their teacher and their peers, and recording their work (audio and visual).

Our staff are taking part in extensive professional learning to support the integration of digital technology into their teaching.

In 2018 it was compulsory for Year 10 - 13 students to bring an acceptable device to school; this will continue in 2019. Students in Year 7 - 9 are encouraged to bring a device to school.

Looking to purchase a device for your child?

Features that we feel are essential are:

· Minimum screen size of 9”

· Wireless internet capability

· Battery life which will last a typical school day (at least 6 hours)

Others features to consider:

· Lightweight but robust enough to handle daily use

· Suitable, durable bag / cover for protection

· Suitable for use online and offline

· Security software