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Jane Finnimore —

Waihi Inter-school exchange

On July 2 our Year 9 and 10 teams went up against Waihi College, mooting that "Voting should be compulsory". As the host school both our teams were Affirmative.

Our Year 10s, comprising Grace Fotheringhame, Caelan Cameron and Caitlin Addison won, and our Year 9s, comprising Lola Meeking-Coad, Skyla Hunter and Rory Robertson (Year 10), narrowly lost against their Year 10 team. The debates were a real challenge, with students being given the moots at 9.30am and having only two hours to research and prepare their three minute speeches. A big thank you to our adjudicators Maddie Schnackenberg and Sue de Lautour, and also to Ann Murphy who hosted us all in the library.