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Photo by Hilary Johnson

Kings Seeds visits

Hilary Johnson —

In May both Year 11 Innovative Horticulture classes visited Kings Seeds.

They discovered there is a lot more to being a seed merchant than one might think. Owner Gerard Martin had students smelling seeds and tasting seedlings. They learned about herbs and spices, how we taste food, how seeds are sourced and imported as well as measured and counted. Students also saw some of the more hands on aspects of the business, like how passionfruit seeds are extracted from vast quantities of passionfruit, and how the team at Kings conduct germination and seed suitability tests.

Kings are a long-time supporter of horticulture at the College, supplying us with all of our seeds and we wish to express our gratitude.

Their Wharawhara road premises are open every Friday to the public - pop in some time.