Hero photograph
Photo by Sonia Bullot

Senior Music NCEA Concert

Sonia Bullot —

After almost three years of restrictions and having our senior students perform in front of their whanau we were able to pull off a fantastic evening for their first solo assessments.

Lola Meeking-Coad did a fabulous job organising this successful evening. From finalising the programme, deciding what jobs needed to be done and creating a vision for how we wanted to turn the music room into a concert setting and keep it formal but fun!

And fun it was! In the beginning, middle and end some entertaining impromptu musical acts came together on the spot to entertain all. Then the mood was lightened by some wonderful emceeing by Zaide Farrell in an attempt to help the students get over their nerves and it was a big challenge for them which they overcame with some amazing results. After convincing them to give it a go. Some were too scared at first. They accepted and pushed through which has boosted their confidence so much they want to do their second concert with an audience in the same way.

We were very fortunate to have the Head of Music at Waihi College come and moderate the marking with me. He was so impressed with the variety and high standard of our talented students and the lowest score was a high merit with most gaining excellence in a really scary setting. So, to my performers, you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

I am looking forward to having the pleasure of listening to your second performances, and I am happy to report that no matter what is going on around us in this crazy world and after such tough times there are some wonderful things still happening with our youth today and they should be celebrated by us all!