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Photo by Liam Jackson

Swimming Sports 2018

Juliet Dunlop-Fraser —

Katikati College Championship Day for Swimming took place on Wednesday 21st February at the Dave Hume Pool. A good turnout of swimmers from all age groups saw some great competition and a fierce house rivalry with MacMillan House ahead after the championship day but with the two fun days still to come.

There were 8 records broken on the day:

Year 7 Girls: Jenna Pooley - 3L Free 1:23.37 & 2L Breaststroke 1:12.16

Year 8 Boys: Keaton White - 2L Free 47.94

Year 8 Boys: Cameron Pooley - 3L Free 1:19.77 & 2L Breaststroke 1:08.91

Junior Boys: Thomas Swain - 4L Free 1:51.22

Intermediate Boys: Taine A'Bear - 2L Back 50.81

Senior Boys: Simon Van Timmeren - 2L Back 53.50

Champions for 2018

Year 7 Girls:  Jenna Pooley 1st, Mackenzie Walter 2nd, Rose Swain 3rd

Year 7 Boys: Joe Buckley 1st, Lyrique Jacob-Tahana 2nd, Hamish Tanner & Lukas Moore 3rd=

Year 8 Girls: Meg Harray 1st, Gemma Groenewald 2nd, Meghann Fraser & Nina Briggs 3rd=

Year 8 Boys: Keaton White 1st, Cameron Pooley 2nd, Corey A'Bear 3rd

Junior Girls: Amy Rochat 1st, Tammy Richardson 2nd, Aylish Dunlop & Mikaela Salmon 3rd=

Junior Boys: Thomas Swain 1st, Leo Morley & Jacob Maloni 2nd=

Intermediate Girls: Grace Millen 1st, Jess Harray 2nd, Sally Carter & Olivia Jones 3rd=

Intermediate Boys: Taine A'Bear 1st, Corey Macdonald 3rd, Jonathon Sukkel & Dwayne Van Timmeren 3rd=

Senior Girls: Tessa Bradley 1st, Natalie Rochat 2nd, Hanna Maloni 3rd

Senior Boys: Simon Van Timmeren 1st, Joshua Temple 2nd, Cameron Hankins & Thomas Carter 3rd=

Full Results will be posted on KKC Moodle.