Hero photograph
Anzac | Ruru Whanau
Photo by Isobel Huggard


Ruru Whanau Students —

Ruru whanau and our teachers, Mrs Tanner and Mrs Huggard, came up with an idea to give thanks to the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. 

So our teachers sourced some rocks. We all chose one rock and then we painted one side of the rock white and waited for it to dry. We sketched a poppy on the white rock and painted it red, black and green and then waited for that to dry. Once we had finished painting the rocks we wrote a sentence about what Anzac means to us. Then we walked to make a cairn and put our sentence down in the front of the cairn.

We will remember them.

Dylan Wilmshurst, Nina Briggs and Jacob Turnbull