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Visual Arts

Shana Carlan-Riddell —

Some important information for both junior and senior Visual Arts students appears below.

Visual Arts: Materials and packs to purchase

Students' Visual Arts packs are available for purchase from the student office, and they are encouraged to buy them as soon as possible as assessment activities are under way for both senior and junior classes. They are sourced for the highest quality at the lowest prices, and have everything students will need for the year for their assignments. As well, if students need to learn from home, they will be equipped to continue with their work. 

 Consumables and any other materials will be provided by the department throughout the year, such as painting papers. If senior students take care of their equipment, it should last them for two years (or more if they are still at school) and they will only need to replace what they have used in the following school year.

Senior Visual Arts students

Folio boards are $5.00 each and charged to students later this term (2 boards for Levels 1/2, and three boards for Level 3 subjects), on which their external assessments are presented for their examinations at the end of year. 

Printing costs for Photography and Design are paid for by the students as they produce work for their internals on the school photocopier, and the A1 folio prints for their externals are printed at Katicopy in town, and prices are yet to be confirmed for that cost. 

As well, all Photography and Design students must have their own USB stick or external drive to save their work onto as they produce their assessment evidence. They are also strongly encouraged to have their own device capable of running the Adobe suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator and more. Adobe licenses are available through the school for $40.00 for the year, are excellent value, and will enable students to work at home.

All senior students have been issued with their internal assessments, and the conditions of assessment and resources required are included at the beginning of the document. The students have a printed copy, and as well it will be on their Google Classroom page. Please email Mrs. Carlan-Riddell if you have any queries about the packs at sriddell@katikaticollege.school.nz.