Hero photograph

Bella represents College international students at Tauranga Mayoral Welcome

Bella Kuo, international student —

On August 13 I was invited to Tauranga to meet the Mayor. It was a beautiful day and we had no traffic on the way. That was very new for me because I had never been to the City Council before. I sat with other schools' international students.  A girl sat next to me who was from Mt Maunganui College and her home country is South Korea. She was really nice and friendly. We waited until the Mayor came in. He welcomed us and introduced himself and his wife who is from Taiwan as well! He also talked about Tauranga City being a good place for study and I totally agree with him. Tauranga is a beautiful city, and everything is attractive to me. We took lots of photos together and that was a special experience for me. I learned how to tie a Windsor knot in a school neck tie for this occasion from "Uncle Google". He is very helpful! I tried it and failed more than 20 times but in the end I got it. That made me learn one thing and that is that practice makes perfect. Keep learning and never give up. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I will keep it in my memories.