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Leos activities

Christina Hewett —

During the school holidays, a group of students from the Katikati Leos club travelled to Mount Maunganui to go rock climbing at Rocktopia.

This trip was a reward for one of our Leos activities that we carried out earlier in the year, which was delivering Lions pamphlets to mailboxes within the Katikati area. We did this to help out the Lions and share with the community what the club has achieved over the years, along with exciting things they have coming up. Throughout this trip, the Leos got to know one another better and became closer as a result. The bonding that was gained will allow us to work better as a team and therefore carry out activities more efficiently. Along with helping the Lions, the Leos have some exciting projects of our own coming up later on in the year. These will help add more attraction to the Katikati area while also allowing us to give back to our community, so keep an eye out for this. If there are any other students interested in joining the Leos club and contributing to these projects you can contact president Christina Hewett or vice president Grace Fotheringhame.

The Leos Club is a youth organization of Lions Club international. Leos stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.