Board of Trustees

Shawn Gielen and Wendy A'Bear —

Tena koutou katoa, greetings everyone. Thank you for taking the time to vote in our recent by-election.

Our four newly elected members are:

  • Dave Freeman
  • Bobbette Tanner
  • Sara Elliot Warren
  • Valerie Uilou

as well as our previously shared co opted member, Shaan Kingi.
Congratulations to them and welcome on board.The staff election process had nominations close last week and an elected trustee should be confirmed at the start of Term 3.The board is meeting together next week to go through an induction process followed by a further training session and then their first formal board meeting all before the end of term. The board meeting will be on Wednesday the 7th of July at 6pm.We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our hardworking, dedicated staff for their efforts this term.

Kind regards

Shawn Gielen, Limited Statutory Manager

Wendy A'Bear, Chairperson