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Cans for Good

Cans for Good

Peter Besley —

Katikati College took up the 'Watties Cans for Good’ challenge.

This gave students the opportunity to help make a difference to vulnerable families and individuals in their community who need food assistance to deal with New Zealand's rapidly rising living costs.

Students 'paid' for mufti with a can of food. Some students (and staff) 'paid' more than one can. The cans of food were donated to the Katikati Red Cross who will distribute them through the local food bank.

Nationally, Watties have pledged to match the can donations can for can.

All participating schools receive certificates for their contribution and five schools with the most creative 'can sculpture' can choose from sports or art supplies vouchers valued at $500.

Organised by Year 9 dean, Jill Tran Van, students created two can sculptures using the 630 plus cans. One showing the Kaimai backdrop and the Uretara River, the other representing Toitu te Ao, 'A Sustainable World'.

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