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UMAT for Medical Degrees Information

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Many Year 13 students and parents mistakenly believe that they can only sit UMAT once and only in first year of university. In fact, anyone can sit UMAT in their final year of schooling (year 13) and any number of times thereafter. However, UMAT scores are valid for one year only. If you are applying to Auckland or Otago medical school, you must also sit the UMAT in the first year of university.

Keep in mind that both Auckland University and Otago University allow only one attempt at applying for medicine after the first year of your undergraduate degree. Therefore, UMAT preparation is essential to ensure success. MedEntry suggests that all students who are interested in pursuing medicine sit UMAT as early as possible (in year 13), for many reasons which are discussed in the following FAQs (https://www.medentry.co.nz/faq/umat):

· When can I sit the UMAT?

· Can I sit the UMAT more than once?

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Dr Edward Boyapati | Principal Lecturer