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International Games and Food Days

Jill Tompsett —

In Week 3 international students staged two days of fun showcasing the games, pastimes and food of their home countries.

It was a huge success with many local students participating and learning a great deal about the culture and foods of Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and China. We played games such as Kendama, Sumo, Taiwanese Yoyo and did origami organised by our long term international students. It was a fun lunch time with more than 100 students on our front field involved in the games.We served the following foods: Pad Thai, fried rice, bubble tea, Okonomiyaki, sushi, chirashizushi and butter chicken - all prepared by our international students. The food was a big hit with students and staff who tried a variety of different food and could see how easy it is to prepare. Our international students were very pleased with the participation of their Kiwi classmates and were proud to share their culture through games & food. They are already planning other events for next term! Thank you to the Asia New Zealand Foundation for their support of this event. It was very valuable in raising the awareness in the College of Asian culture and language.