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Welcome to Athena’s Garden- an evening with the Greek gods and goddesses

Madeline Foote —

Katikati College’s annual school ball was held on Saturday June 19. It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all with attendees being welcomed into a Greek garden experience.

After having the 2020 school ball cancelled due to Covid-19, this event was long awaited by participants. It was a great way for our senior students to come together and celebrate after a difficult year and the lingering rain cleared so that we could fully enjoy the special occasion. Students reflected school values by showing high levels of inclusiveness towards other invitees and this ensured everyone had a great evening.

Award results on the night were:

King and Queen (Year 13 couple): Jacob Maloni and Paris Dekkers.

Prince and Princess (Year 12 couple): Luke Spurr and Chantelle Wenzlick.

Best dressed student: Rhymis Ormsby.

Best dressed teacher: Mrs Kindley.

Special thanks go to Living Decor for donating stunning plants that were used as decorations, and to all staff members involved.

The professional video and photos from the night can be viewed at the links below:

https://caitlinfernphotography.pixieset.com/katikaticollegeball2021/ (download pin 4841)