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Isobel Huggard —

Congratulations to Kirsten Corbett who was invited by MP Scott Simpson to have her poem ‘Silently He Lay’ published in the ANZAC Flyers which will go out in the community newspapers the week prior to ANZAC Day.

‘Silently He Lay’ was a poem Kirsten wrote as a Year 11 student in 2016.

Silently he lay,

A battered soul entombed

beneath the scarlet mud of Passchendaele.

His mates marched onwards

alive but not awake.

Sleeping soldiers




through a hellish nightmare,

in which none awake

His arms had yearned to hold,

Not a bayonet nor gun

But a daughter six months old

Crimson tears lay rusted on his cheeks.

Silently he screamed

for a daughter he would never meet.

Well done Kristen!