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Ben and Maddie

Leo's Club

Ben Robertson, student —

Three Year 12 students have set up a Leo's Club. One of them, Ben Robertson, explains.

The Leo's club is basically a Lion's club for high school students. The aim is to help the community, build friendships and leadership skills. If you are interested, no matter what age you are, feel free to come and approach me or Maddie Schnackenberg or see Mrs Huggard in C5 at any time if you would like to talk to a familiar face.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you on behalf of the whole school to Josh and Rachel from the Orchard House Cafe. For a while now they have been donating food every single day except Tuesdays to help feed some hungry kids. Its good food too, from muffins to sandwiches. They’ve been really generous! So from us, and all the students at Katikati College thank you for doing so much for us! The food is being put to very good use.

Josh is also very keen to come in and make a cooked breakfast during breakfast club for anyone who wants it, so be on the lookout for that next term.

Thank you Year 7 and 8s  for letting us speak at your assembly. We look forward to seeing some of you putting your name forward to join the Katikati College Leo's Club.